1. Attach supplied VGA cable to gaugeART’s VGA port.  Attach other end of cable to VGA-composite adapter’s “VGA IN” port.
  2. Attach supplied power cable’s round connector to the VGA-composite adapter’s “DC 5V” port. Attach the other end to gaugeART’s USB power port.
  3. Attach one end of supplied composite cable to VGA-composite adapter’s “AV OUT” port, and the other end to your display’s AV input (taking note of which AV input was used if the device has multiple inputs).
  4. Turn power on to the vehicle to turn on gaugeART. Turn the power on for the composite adapter by moving the switch labeled “POWER” to the left. The green light on the side of the adapter will illuminate.
  5. Make sure the video signal type switch labeled “NTSC/PAL” is switched to the left.
  6. Turn your display on to the correct AV input you connected to – the gaugeART display should now be displayed.

The gaugeART VGA-Composite Video Adapter is not meant for exterior use. It should be placed in the cabin of the vehicle in a dry well ventilated area. It should not be exposed to vibration.