real-time gauges from your ECU

Have an AEM, Haltech, Hondata, ProEFI, Vipec, or other ECU & want real-time gauges?

gaugeART – the solution

The gaugeART display products connect to your ECU to display real-time video gauges. Display gauges on a video display with the gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter or on a compact OLED display with the gaugeART CAN Gauge.

41-001_app_600x400customize your gauges

Display gauges how you want to see it! The gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter includes gaugeDesigner – the web-based application designed to allow you to create and edit gauges. Configure the gaugeART CAN Gauge wirelessly with the included gaugeART CAN Gauge App.

31-001_1024x768innovative CAN tools

gaugeART also offers innovative CAN tools – including the gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter – allowing you to expand your race dash, ECU, or gaugeART product with additional analog gauges.

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