gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter: Adding a Fuel Level Sensor

The gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter can be used with many factory fuel level sensors that have a variable resistance output based on fuel level. This is ideal to be used with race dashes (such as the AEM CD-7) when the factory fuel level gauge is removed.

You should first check the resistance range of your factory sensor. You will need an inline resistor with a resistance value equal to or greater than the maximum resistance from the sensor. Wire the resistor as shown in the diagram below to input 1-5. This will generate a 0-5v output based on fuel level. The fuel level sensor must not be wired directly to an analog input with out the resistor as shown, or the maximum current (500 mA) of the converter will be exceeded.

With an empty tank, measure the voltage with each gallon added to the tank (this can be done at a fuel station, or by filling from a measured container). The volts / gallon will be entered in to the device to produce a look up table. Averaging can be applied to reduce fluctuation based on fuel slosh.