Supported ECU Channels: OBD Link

The gaugeART CAN GaugegaugeART CAN OBD Link (this product has been discontinued) support the following data channels.

Note: gaugeART CAN OBD Link requires CAN communication from your vehicle’s OBD port. All 2008 and later vehicles in the USA (as well as most other countries) by federal mandate include CAN communication through the OBD port. Many vehicles starting in 2004 began to adopt this standard. To check if your vehicle sold in the USA prior to 2008 or your vehicle sold outside the USA is compatible with gaugeART CAN OBD Link, please click this link.

gaugeART CAN OBD Link:

  • engine speed (RPM)
  • engine coolant temperature (°F / °C)
  • intake air temperature (°F / °C)
  • vehicle speed (MPH/KPH)
  • manifold pressure* (PSIg / kPa)
  • throttle position (%)
  • engine load, calculated (%)
  • short term fuel trim – bank 1 (%)
  • long term fuel trim – bank 1 (%)
  • short term fuel trim – bank 2 (%)
  • long term fuel trim – bank 2 (%)
  • oxygen sensor 1, AFR equivalence (AFR)
  • oxygen sensor 2, AFR equivalence (AFR)
  • ignition timing (degrees)
  • engine oil temperature*  (°F / °C)
  • fuel pressure (gauge pressure)* (PSIg / kPa)
  • ethanol fuel %* (%)
  • MAF flow rate* (grams/sec)
  • fuel rail gauge pressure* (PSIg / kPa)
  • battery volts (volts)

* not supported by all vehicles

Note: additional sensors (boost pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel pressure) are supported when used with the gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter.