AEM EMS CAN (Series 2 & EMS 4)

To use the gaugeART CAN Gauge or gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter with AEM EMS Series 2 & EMS 4, you must setup CAN telemetry.

  1. Open the program “AEM Tuner” (it can be downloaded here).
  2. Connect USB cable to laptop.
  3. Connect to ECU (ECU > Connect to ECU). Note that you may have to cycle the key to reset power to the ECU when you try to connect.
  4. Open CAN Telemetry Setup (Tools > Configure Telemetry > CAN Telemetry).
  5. As shown below, click “Enable”, Set the speed to 500 kbps, and leave “Use Extended Format” unchecked.
  6. Setup each “CAN Message” tab as shown below.