using ECU to power gaugeART

If your ECU has a spare +12V (commonly referred to as high side or HS) and ground (commonly refered to as a low side or LS) output available, it can be used to power gaugeART.

Once you terminate the power wires in to the ECU connector using the terminals supplied with the ECU, most ECUs require these outputs to be configured to be turned on.


  1. go to output configuration window.
    AEM Series 1: Options > Configure Outputs
    AEM Series 2: Tools > Configure Outputs
  2. select the correct LS or HS number and select “general purpose”.
  3. click “enable pin” then select “At Least” for all options and make sure values match below. These settings will turn on this function whenever ECU is turned on.
  4. poweringfromECU_right