Vi-PEC & Link G4+ ECU Setup

Take these steps to configure your Vi-PEC & Link G4+ ECUs for use with the gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter or gaugeART CAN Gauge.

For normal channels:

  1. Open tuning software and load a calibration or connect to ECU.
  2. Select ECU Controls tab.
  3. Select CAN Setup option. The CAN Setup screen is shown below.
  4. On the CAN Setup screen, select CAN module 1 as shown.
  5. Set Mode to “User Defined” as shown.
  6. Set bit rate to “1Mbit/s” as shown.
  7. Click Channel 1 under Data.
  8. While Channel 1 is selected, select “Transmit Generic Dash” from drop-down as shown.
  9. Set Transmit Rate to “20Hz” as shown.
  10. Set CAN ID to 56 as shown.
  11. Set Format to “Normal” as shown.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Send calibration to the ECU in the normal way.

For extended channels (available for CAN Gauge only):

  1. Click Channel 2 under Data.
  2. Set Mode to “Transmit User Stream 1”.
  3. Set Transmit Rate to “20Hz”.
  4. Set CAN ID to 50.
  5. Set Format to “Normal”.
  6. Click the “Streams” tab.
  7. Expand Stream 1 to display Stream 1’s Frame 1.
  8. Copy the parameters exactly as shown below.
  9. Expand Stream 2 to display Stream 2’s Frame 1.
  10. Copy the parameters exactly as shown below.