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The CAN hub allows you to connect multiple CAN devices to share power, ground, CAN hi, and CAN low circuits. It allows simplification of installation when installing multiple devices in parallel.

The CAN hub is required when installing multiple gaugeART products together such as gaugeART CAN Gauge, gaugeART OBD Link, and gaugeART Analog to CAN. An example of this is shown below.

Only compatible gaugeART cables can be used with the CAN Hub. All cables that connect to the CAN Hub use a Deutsch DTM 4 position male connector, and have terminals in the same locations as shown below. Important: you can not mix cables from different manufacturers (Haltech and Link for example) that look to have the same connector, as they have different terminal positions, and damage can occur. Contact gaugeART if you are unclear which cables you need.



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