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The CAN hub allows you to connect multiple CAN devices to share power, ground, CAN hi, and CAN low circuits. It allows simplification of installation when installing multiple devices in parallel.

The CAN hub is a buss that joins each common terminal. For example, terminal 1 is shared in all four ports.

The CAN Hub is compatible with cables (gaugeART, or from other companies) which use Deutsch DTM4 male (plug) connectors.

Deustch DTM4 connectors (not included) may be used. Typical part numbers used:
1 – connector, plug (DTM06-4S)
1 – wedgelock, plug (DWM-4S)
4 – terminal, female (DT62-20-0122)

The same wiring scheme must be used in all connectors that connect to the CAN Hub. For example, terminal 1 is CAN high in all connectors that attach to the CAN Hub. Mixing wire functions may result in damage to your device. Contact gaugeART if you have any questions on how to use this device. Typical use with gaugeART  devices:



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