gaugeART CAN Translator

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Product Description

gaugeART CAN Translator: allows your aftermarket ECU to control factory accessories.

Modern vehicles use CAN and serial communication to drive vehicle accessories like instrument gauge clusters. When aftermarket engine control units (ECUs) are installed often these accessories will no longer work without the factory ECU in place.

The gaugeART CAN Translator allows these factory accessories to work with aftermarket ECUs by translating the aftermarket ECU’s CAN messages into a format the factory accessories can use. For example, if the factory gauge cluster requires communication from the factory ECU for operating the coolant gauge and tachometer – the gaugeART CAN Translator can reformat the CAN messages from the aftermarket ECU into the factory format to operate the gauges off the aftermarket ECU. In addition to outputting reformatted CAN messages, the device can also output serial messages  from CAN data.

designed for professionals, experience with CAN and K-Line serial communication required:
The gaugeART CAN Translator is designed for professionals with CAN and K-Line data communication experience. To use the device, the factory data communication protocol must be available or must be reverse engineered. End users should purchase the gaugeART CAN Translator from their ECU specialist with CAN / K-Line data communication experience, or contact gaugeART for reverse engineering services.

intellectual property protection:
To protect the effort that professionals spend to develop a vehicle integration, the gaugeART CAN Translator features built-in intellectual property protection for calibrations with strong encryption. Once password protected, the calibration can not be viewed, allowing professionals to distribute their vehicle specific calibrations to customers.

compact enclosure & shielded cable:
The gaugeART CAN Translator features a compact mountable housing (3.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″). Included is a 3′ long twisted pair shielded cable providing CAN input and power/ground wires. Terminals are included for wiring in the CAN output and/or serial output wires into the connector. A 6′ USB cable is provided for programming.

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