gaugeART CAN Video Gauge Adapter


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Product Description

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gaugeART CAN Video Gauge Adapter is an innovative device that allows you to view real-time video gauges from your ECU on any display with a compatible input!

Eliminate having multiple gauges cluttering your interior! Gauges can include coolant temperature, wideband O2, battery voltage, air temperature, boost pressure, and others – including oil temperature, oil pressure, and ethanol content (when your ECU is equipped with these sensors). You can display up to 20 gauges in any combination of digital, horizontal bar, vertical bar, or round gauges.

gaugeART CAN Video Gauge Adapter is compatible with popular engine management systems, also known as engine control units (ECUs) as well as later model factory ECUs with CAN OBD when used with the gaugeART CAN OBD Link. Click “Compatible ECUs” to the left for a complete list of compatible ECUs and the channels that your ECU can display.

gaugeART communicates with your ECU via your ECU’s existing CAN output. The digital CAN output is then used to display real-time gauges on any video display with an available compatible input. This includes inexpensive stand alone displays or displays already available in your vehicle – like your navigation system! Please click here for information on recommended video displays to be used with gaugeART Video Gauge Adapters.

cable options:
The gaugeART CAN Video Gauge Adapter includes a 5′ long four wire cable. The standard cable is unterminated at the end allowing the four wires (power, ground, CAN+, CAN-) to be terminated to the ECU. Some ECUs (AEM Infinity, ProEFI) have a dedicated CAN connector and for these ECUs we offer a plug-and-play cable.

compatible ECUs (click link for supported channels):

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 in

Compatible ECUs

ECUs compatible with gaugeART CAN Video Gauge Adapters. Click your ECU to see a list of supported data channels.


  • gaugeART CAN Video Gauge Adapter
  • micro-SD memory card
  • SD card adapter
  • standard CAN & power cable (ECU-specific options available)
  • instructions



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