my display is blank (no video signal is displayed).

  • Check that your display is on and set to the correct source.
  • Make sure gaugeART is powered.
  • If you are using a composite converter, make sure the converter is powered and wired properly.
  • If you are using an HDMI input, and the video signal is not recognized, the display may not be compatible with the standard gaugeART resolution of 800×480. If this is the case, go to and download the 720×480 design (click here for gaugeDesigner instructions).

The gaugeART start up screen and background is displayed, but no gauges are shown.

  • This indicates that gaugeART is powered on, and your display is configured properly, but that no data is being received, or the data being received is not formatted properly.
  • Make sure that the serial cable between the ECU and gaugeART is installed properly.
  • Make sure that your ECU telemetry is configured properly.

The background and gauges display, but the gauges don’t seem to make any sense.

  • If you have an AEM EMS Series 2 with configurable CAN messages, you must have the data transfer rate configured properly. See these instructions enabling & customizing CAN telemetry.
  • Check your design to make sure you have the channel and units (ie. Fahrenheit or Celsius) set correctly.

 If these solutions do not resolve your problem, e-mail technical support: with the gaugeART part number you own, the ECU you are using, and a description of the problem with photos as needed.