Connecting CAN Gauge to ECU

  • Route the cable to your ECU’s location.
  • ECU specific cables: A standard unterminated cable is included. For ECUs that have a built-in CAN connector on the ECU or in the harness, an optional ECU-specific cable is available from gaugeART. If you are using an optional ECU-specific cable, route the cable to the ECU and connect the cable to the ECU.
  • Standard unterminated cables: Using the terminals supplied with your ECU, strip off the ends of the wires and crimp the terminals to the end of the wires. Install the terminals into the ECU connectors according to the instructions included with your ECU. Click here for installations using an AEM EMS Series 2.
         red: ignition powered +12v (3 amp fused)
         black: chassis ground
         orange: +12V illumination power
         white: CAN high
         green: CAN low
  • NOTE: proper terminal crimping is critical. ECU terminals require special crimping tools for open barrel terminals. Inexpensive open barrel crimping tools can be purchased online (example: search for IWISS SN-28B).
  • If your ECU does not have an available switched +12v / ground source, extend the wires to an available ignition switched and fused power and ground source.