gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter (version 2)



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Product Description

By generating a CAN protocol compatible with gaugeART devices, the gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter allows you to add compatible sensors to display on the gaugeART 52mm CAN Gauge¬†or gaugeART Panel Mount CAN Gauge – even if you don’t have an aftermarket ECU. It’s a perfect solution if you have a factory ECU in your car, or if you have a carbureted engine without an ECU.

Available inputs:

  • Two (2) 0-5V analog inputs
  • Two (2) temperature inputs
  • One (1) dedicated fuel level input (0-250 Ohm range)
  • One (1) tachometer/coil input engine speed input


  • IP67 potted enclosure with a sealed connector.
  • Connector and terminal kit for adding sensors.

Compatible sensors:

  • 0-100 & 0-150 PSI sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Factory fuel level sensor (0-250 Ohm range)
  • Compatible tachometer / coil input

Compatible gaugeART devices:

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in