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gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter

Now available! The new gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter allows you to display sensors on gaugeART Video Adapters with out an ECU and can also act as a analog input expansion module for compatible aftermarket ECUs.

The gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter allows analog sensors and switches to be converted in to CAN messages. The Analog to CAN Converter includes eight inputs for up to six analog sensors (boost pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure, etc) or switches and two temperature sensors (oil temperature, coolant temperature, etc). Up to four Analog to CAN Converters can be daisy-chained.

The gaugeART Anaalog to CAN Converter can allow the gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter to be used on applications with factory ECUs or as an expansion module to increase sensor inputs for aftermarket ECUs (that allow CAN integration).

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   gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter